Next weekend the club will be heading to Glencoe to learn some exciting important safety skills! (19-21st Jan)

We have some instructors coming for beginner/intermediate/advanced courses. These will cost £25 (plus the cost of the meet) and will teach you some essential skills to keep you safe and ALIVE in Scottish winter mountains. If you dont know which end of an ice axe is which or wish to improve your rope work then this is the course for you!

There will be a sign up on Tuesday in Dram! at the same time as the meet sign up!

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Please can everyone on the bus be at GUU for 5.15pm on Friday to get loaded up and on the road as promptly as possible for Duncan and Mike, as it's a very long drive 🙂

Duncan Butler (Driver)
Mike Snape (Driver)

Alice Butler 2136509
David Southgate 2198207
Iain Ballantyne 2257515
Johannes Reuter 2148435
John Hallford 2076810
Jonáš Gaigr 2270023
Max Krause 2346180
Robert Giddy 2184298
Sandy Taylor 2317048

If anyone can't make it, please let me know by 6pm tonight.


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Warmest wishes GUMCers. There's a small number of payments that are outstanding from last term that need to be paid as soon as possible. If you aren't able to get to Dram tomorrow night, please make an online payment using the following details:

Sort Code: 80-22-60
Account No: 15130568
Reference: OMP[Your matriculation number] e.g. OMP2273800. If you're an alumni, please use the reference OMP[Your surname] e.g. OMPMACLEOD.

If you're unsure if you're still owing, I can check the spreadsheets for you and will be asking David for a list of all payments received online later in the week. Any individual difficulties, please drop me a message. I'll contact any people with monies owing at the end of the week, please note that these must be cleared before you can sign up for further meets.

Many thanks,

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TORRIDON MEET Friday, 12th to Sunday, 14th January
£30 for minibus passengers, £15 accommodation only.

Happy New Year to you all!!

Looking forward to seeing many of you later on this evening at TCA and hope you’re all excited about adventures in the weeks ahead! Tis the season for some excursions of the wonderfully wintery kind, so time to come out of holiday hibernation and get oot!

Our first meet this semester will be to Torridon THIS WEEKEND, so if you’re keen for some snowy hill wandering, sign up is the usual time of 9.30pm at Dram tomorrow (Tuesday) night. We’ll be staying at the village hall, more info to be posted in due course. Minibus departure will be at an earlier time TBC. Please remember you’ll need appropriate clothing including winter boots, please ask if you’re unsure and if you need to hire, just let me know and I’ll sort this for you. Boot hire is £10 from Tiso OE for the weekend.

A wee polite reminder to those people that have not yet paid for some meets from last semester, these debts need to be cleared before signing up for any further meets. If you need the club’s bank details, I can add these to a post below. I’ll be checking the payments outstanding after sign up this week. To make things easier for everyone, anyone travelling by car needs to pay at sign up or online in advance of meets going forwards. Thanks for this, it will save having to chase folk for cash in places where there often aren’t ATMs.

See you all soon, here’s to a great year ahead!
Ellie x

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GUMClub Twisted Santa

December 12, 2017, 6:00pm - December 12, 2017, 11:00pm

Secret Santa with a twist. Time to spend no more than £10 on a Christmas present for your fellow Gumclubbers. The present can be anything you like - a joke present, a climbing related present or the present you have always dreamed of receiving yourself. Wrap it up and put it under the Butlers' Christmas tree, the present distribution procedure will all be explained on the night. Guaranteed to be the best present you get all year. Bring treats, bring drinks. Duncan is making mulled wine. Love, Alice

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