Essential Meet Gear

For a list of what you should bring on a meet, check out the "What to bring on meets" page.
As the club spends so much time out in winter, it is recommended that you get winter boots. These can be rented from Tiso for a weekend but if you regularly go on winter meets a cheap second hand pair will pay for themselves.  If you are interested in buying your own ask someone at the pub for an explanation of differences between different types of boots. Each model of boot is made to a different shape, so you need to try on loads to find what fits your foot. Once you know, Ebay, Outdoor Gear Exchange and boots sold by other members of the club are great ways to pick up a bargain!

General Gear

Here are guidelines for what to take...Most of these are essential for a safe and fun meet.
  • Rucksack - 30 litres is enough and ikea bags are handy to get your sleeping bag and food on and off the bus
  • Sleeping Bag - Makes life a lot more comfortable, cheap ones can be bought from Decathlon or Go Outdoors
  • Karrimat/Thermarest or some other type of portable bed
  • Headtorch like the Petzl Zipka (Days are shorter during winter, so these are essential.)
  • Survival bag or bothy bag
  • Whistle; blow 6 blasts every minute and help will come running
  • First Aid Kit - Compeed blister patches or zinc oxide tape for feet are worth having
  • Map and Compass - Ideally every member a party should have one of each. Knowing how to use it might be quite useful too, some come to the evenings in Mugdock Park

Food and Drink - One evening meal, two breakfasts and lunches.  Biscuits are cheap but full of energy to have with your sandwiches on the hill.

Club equipment

The club has equipment that can be borrowed by members and whilst on meets. See the club gear page for more details.

Places to buy gear!

There are many places on-line and around Glasgow, where you can get hold of all the essential or highly desired gear you would want to get your hands on.  A couple of links to shops are included below.  A couple of the shops run gear nights for clubs, where, as a member of the GUM Club you can go along and get discounts up to 25% (some people hold on to their cash until one of these arrives, to save extra money for exploring!!)
  • Ebay!
    Once kit is used once or twice it looks second hand anyway so there are bargins to be had, especially for those expensive items like winter boots (try before you buy at any of the places below.)
    Browse the for sale forum and fish for kit by posting under wanted, if you don't ask, you don't get!
  • Cotswold Outdoor
    15% GUM Club discount and runs gear nights several time per year. Use your Gumclub membership card for the discount!
  • Glasgow Climbing Centre
    A standard 20% discount.
  • GO Outdoors
    A large warehouse style outdoor shop that offers lots to try on and very cheap prices on kit!
  • Decathlon
    Another large warehouse style outdoor shop that offers good quality own brand stuff like Quechua and Bionassy.
  • Tiso
    Also offers winter boot rental
  • Needlesports
    A good Lakes based shop with offers and good source of information
  • Alpkit
    Ultra cheap + high quality, recommended by most GUM Clubbers
  • V12outdoor
    Good for buying bulk (e.g. 5 quickdraws, a set of nuts) and also offers DMM cosmetic 2nds - same quality as normal DMM but cheaper (due to serial number or logo, etc being misprinted)