Club Gear

Should you not have some of the items that are considered essential, the club owns gear that can be used by members. Should you damage or lose the item loaned you may be expected to pay for a repair/replacement. See Gear person for details.
Gear available:
  • Ice axes – walking
  • Crampons – strap-on for stiff boots only
  • Survival-bags/Bothy Bags – emergency use only
  • Helmets – For climbing / difficult scrambling
  • Climbing harnesses – Again, for climbing
  • Rock Climbing shoes- so you can try climbing before buying equipment

The club has to give priority to certain people borrowing gear; the hierarchy is:

  1. Full current student member on a winter skills course (only applies to a couple of meets).
  2. Full current student member.
  3. Alumni if gear is remaining.

Apologies if you find yourself at the bottom of the list but we have to give priority to someone if they (and the club) have payed for professional instruction; and secondly a paying club member. If you are worried about kit try and get it sorted out before hand by borrowing off a pal who isn’t going on maybe has some spare kit!