What to Bring on Meets

Sleeping bag and a roll mat

Feel free to turn up with your duvet but don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning with some uninvited snugglers nestled in with you. Despite popular belief village halls do not have comfy floors so bring a roll mat.


Don’t underestimate the importance of food. Whether you have a long day out on the hill where you need to keep your strength up to grow up big and strong or spend the day idling away in the hall needing a morale boost or simply just something to fill your time!

Warm clothes and Waterproofs

Bring a good amount of spares you’ll thank yourself when you can get changed after a satisfactorily soggy day out. Gaiters are also good if you have them! Jeans and cottons will not only get you mocked but will ruin your trip if the weather goes south! Gloves and hats would be a good shout this weekend also.

Sturdy Boots and/or Winter Boots

Why go out to the one of the most beautiful places in the world to spend the whole time wincing at your sore feet! Pack a good sturdy pair of boots so you can stay dry, comfy and safe!

If it is winter you need WINTER BOOTS!!! You all need a pair else yer crampons will slide off, you’ll fall over and you’ll look right silly. These can be rented from Tiso for the weekend (Although inflation has pushed the price up to £20 for the weekend)


Why stop at one, go on and bring two!


Before the time of Paypal and credit cards this mysterious paper was somehow exchangeable for goodies like food and fuel, barbaric times but alas we do what we have to.

Miscallaneous hill stuff

Maps(see digimaps), map case(sandwich bag in a pinch) and a compass. Feel free to bring climbing kit if you got it. You can be kitted out in the best gear and be the most experienced guy or gal going but you are not a homing pigeon, maps are needed in a whiteout and general poor conditions! In case it does all go tips up ensure you bring your phone to stay in touch, do as I say not as I do…


Rumour has it your liver will regrow if you cut half it away so surely you should feel free to trash with some good ‘ole alcohol, its only temporary!

Club Kit

The club kit is present on basically all meets. If it is present you’ll be able to kit yourself out with rock shoes, helmets, harnesses and a few other bits and bobs. But still need to bring your own personal gear!

In winter we also have crampons and ice axes that you can use!

Any other questions hammer some questions over to the gear sec.