Essentials to bring with you:

  • A rucksack
  • Some sturdy hiking boots (and a spare pair of shoes is always a good idea – there are usually plenty of bogs to soak your boots)
  • A head torch – Don’t get caught out on a walk that lasts longer than expected (trust me these are invaluable… bring two if you can!)
  • A sleeping bag
  • A sleeping mat (it is possible to sleep on a hall floor without one but many weeks of this may lead to grumpiness and mysterious bruises)
  • Spare clothes and cosy layers (thermals, fleeces, etc.)
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers (we live in Scotland, remember!)
  • Gloves and hat (the easiest ways to regulate body temperature)
  • Food! – we usually stop en route for dinner on a Friday night but bring something to eat on the Saturday night, a couple of days’ worth of lunches, and plenty of snacks (salted nuts and satsumas make for particularly excellent choices)
  • A water bottle
  • Personal first aid kit - remember to bring any medication you need, as well as small useful stuff like plasters, paracetemol, blister plasters, etc.
    • Don’t rely on others having maps and being able to map-read for you; for safety and insurance purposes everyone is expected to be reasonably independent on meets. You can download maps from digimap using your Uni login, and print these out at the library to bring with you. You can learn basic navigation and map-reading skills on the Ordnance Survey website.

Winter Additions (We have limited supplies of these in our club gear - see below)

  • Winter boots - these are more solid than their summer counterpart, and able to take crampons (B2 rating is fine)
  • Crampons - make sure these fit on your boots, and you know how to attach them.
  • Ice axe
  • Efficient layering system - find the right combination of clothing layers for you, so you’re sufficiently warm but still able to move!

Optional extras (to make your life just a little easier!):

  • Gaiters (absolute lifesavers – a worthwhile investment. Helps avoid ticks and soggy boots.)
  • A bobble hat (not many items of clothing make you look this stylish whilst also keeping you so cosy)
  • A camera (take some great shots to show off to your friends and family or to send to the journal sec to be included in one of our issues 😉 – you may even be featured on our instagram)
  • Munro book - these can give good route recommendations if you want to tick off some hills.

Things you can borrow from the club:

We appreciate it isn’t always easy to get a hold of some of the more expensive items of gear, especially as students. Therefore the club has a stash of things available to borrow. Many of these things will be brought to the meets and other things can be borrowed individually by contacting the Gear Sec.

Items we currently have are:

  • Winter boots (in limited sizes)
  • Ice axes (Mainly walking axes)
  • Crampons
  • Skis
  • Ski boots (in limited sizes)
  • Ski skins
  • Ski helmets
  • Climbing shoes (in limited sizes)
  • Climbing harnesses

For more information on what to bring and what can be borrowed please contact the gear sec, or chat to a member of committee in Dram!