The Committee. We take care of the organisation and run the club.

If you're new to the club and have any questions just grab any of these guys below in the pub or throw us an email and we'll be more than happy to answer it / sign you up ūüôā

Duncan Butler


The big cheese, the head honcho, but most importantly, the superior Butler.

Email: captain hyphen mountaineering @ gusa dot gla dot ac dot uk 

Phone: zero, seven, seven, six, three, sex, five, six, three, nine, five 

Alice Butler

Vice President

The queen bee, social organizer, head of intelligence and better looking Butler.

Email: butler dot alice @ live dot co dot uk 

Robert Giddy


Sweet talking the old women of the highlands into giving us somewhere to stay.

Email: robert at giddyfamily dot co dot uk 

Phone: zero, seven, nine, two, six, zero, nine, six, one, seven, zero

David Southgate


I look after the clubs money!

Email: d @ davidsouthgate dot co  dot uk 
Phone: zero, seven, seven, seven, six, zero, one, four, one, eight, nine 

Ellie McEntee

Meets Secretary

The organised one. Will get you signed up for meets while simultaneously telling you the best place to bag a bargain. Oh, and face of the GUM club. 

Email:  ellieparry4 @ gmail dot com 

Phone: zero, seven, seven, nine, five, three, eight, seven, four, four, zero 

Rona Myatt


Use Protection!

Email: rona dot myatt @ binternet dot com 

Phone: zero, seven, seven, one, eight, two, two, zero, four, eight, four 

Anna Bruvere

Alps Hero

Planning the summer Alps Trip!

Email: anna dot bruvere @ gmail dot com 

Phone: zero, seven, four, zero, zero, eight, six, eight, six, two, five 

Ruadhan Currie

Gear Person

All your gear are belong to me.

Email: Ruadhan dot currie @ gmail dot com 

Phone: zero, seven, nine, nine, zeo, five, seven, three, five, one, four 

Paul Thomas


Barbara's Bus Bitch!

Email: 2176251t @ student dot gla dot ac dot uk

Phone: zero, seven, five, eight, one, two, five, one, eight, seven, one

Annie-Jo Gregory

IT Person

I look after the internet. Contact me if you want to be added/removed from the mailing list

Email: anniejo dot gregory @ gmail dot com

Phone: zero, seven, five, three, four, three, four, zero, one, siz, five 

Matthew Edwards


Monthly newsletter and end of year journals.

Email: matthewedwards791@ yahoo dot com

Phone: zero, seven, seven, six, nine, six, one, two, six, nine, one

Geoff Cooper

Hut Custodian

Looks after the Clashgour Hut. Contact me if you would like to book it.

Email: geoff dot cooper at glasgow dot ac dot uk
Phone: zero seven seven two nine three six two one one zero

Adam Visick

Competitions and Training

Email: adamvisick at gmail dot com
Phone: zero seven nine six three seven nine three six four zero

Iain Ballantyne

New Members

First port of call to join the club!

Email: ballantyneiainj @ gmail dot com

Phone: zero, seven, five, six, four, two, five, nine, two, seven, six 

Emily Donoho

Honorary Office Holder

Imparts ancient wisdom and lore to committee, like Yoda but less wrinkly.

Email: uilleannpipes @ gmail dot com

Phone: zero, seven, eight, nine, four, two, three, zero, six, five, two 

John Nelson

Honorary Office Holder

Email: j underscore nelson @ mail dot com 

Phone: zero, seven, eight, two, one, eight, two, five, nine, three, five