2018 Committee

The Committee. We take care of the organisation and run the club.

If you’re new to the club and have any questions just grab any of these guys below in the pub or throw us an email and we’ll be more than happy to answer it / sign you up 🙂

David Southgate


Looking after the majority of the all-important and never ending GumClub faff behind the scenes.

Ellie McEntee

Vice President

Looking after any remaining GumClub Faff behind the scenes.

Iain Ballantyne


Busy booking luxury accommodation, and chairing committee meetings.

Adam Visick


I look after the clubs money!

Samuel Ng

Meets Secretary

Meet me in Dram! at 21:30 each sign up night so that I can arrange places and transport for every GumClub Meet.

Jonáš Gaigr

Safety and Gear Secretary

The club gear lives in my flat, it smells really bad, please arrange to borrow it at your earliest convenience. I will also organise safety talks and courses which will run throughout the year.

Robert Giddy

Alps and Bus Secretary

I organise the buses with gusa and attempt to bribe people into driving the minibus to meets. I will also arrange the Alps trip for Summer 2019.

Alex Ferguson

IT and Journal Secretary

I look after the club journal, monthly emails and internet updates. Please send any articles, witty stories and non-sensical paragraphs to me so that you will forever be written into the gumclub archives and laughed at for gumclub eternity.

Geoff Cooper

Hut Custodian

Looks after the Clashgour Hut. Contact me if you would like to book it.

Sophie Moodie

Competitions and Training

I’m responsible for organising the team for BUCS and keeping the club informed about upcoming competitions.

Will Hempstead

Membership Secretary

Signing members up to the club.

John Nelson

Honorary Office Holder

Alice Butler

Former IT and Journal Secretary