2020 Committee

The Committee. We take care of the organisation and run the club.

If you’re new to the club and have any questions just grab any of these guys below in the pub or throw us an email and we’ll be more than happy to answer it / sign you up 🙂

Mairi Teasdale


I'm in charge of organising the faff, making drunken speeches and downing dirty pints.

Jordan Camsell

Vice President

All about having fun and causing unexpected madness...so cheers to this year as VP and all the crazy socials to come.

Sinead Thin


Booking halls, making calls, and driving the committee up the walls.

Jack Stephenson


Hobbies in life - Climbing mountains and spending your cash.

Mary Gray

Meets Secretary

Hello, my name is Mary and I am a geography student. I love being out in the fresh air climbing mountains as well as doing yoga - sometimes on a mountain! My role is to get everyone signed up on the weekend trips so we can all enjoy the beautiful Scottish mountains and weather! You will see my face at the pub to sign up!

Kieran Roscoe

Safety Secretary

Safety sec secures safety so silly sausages skip significant suffering & stopping serious sticky situations.

Kit Lavington

Gear Secretary

Come to me for the gear - not coke.

Will Hempstead

Alps and Bus Secretary

If you are over 21 and have held a driving license for 2 years, for the love of god please get in touch with me.

Ellie McAllister

IT and Journal Secretary

Enjoy writing limericks or just love a good rant? Please send any stories, paintings, photos, poetry, strong opinions, and reviews my way to be included in the end of year journal!

Geoff Cooper

Hut Custodian

Looks after the Clashgour Hut. Contact me if you would like to book it.

Betty Koppany

Competitions and Training

I organise the team for BUCS and keep the club informed about upcoming competitions.

Emily Winter

Membership Secretary

Hi I'm Emily, a third year English Lit student! I'm new members sec so find me and say hi if you'd like to join the club or ask any questions about membership. I'm friendly I promise!!

Adam Visick

Honorary Office Holder

A wizened GUMC sage providing knowledge in the art of crimping 'the gnar' and how the committee works.