Sinead Thin


Just a keen bean trying to get you all outdoors.

Jack Stephenson

Vice President

Flash it or splash it

Jordan Camsell


Kit Lavington


I spend your cash and you hopefully have fun.

Jason Carr

Meets Secretary

Come find me in the pub to sigh up for meets.

Ben Grace

Safety Secretary

Sam Pigden

Gear Secretary

Keen for kit on your latest adventures? I’m here to provide equipment and answer all your burning questions about gear, like how many ways can you use a prusik?! 🤔 Just call 07983973845.

Elliot Newman

Alps, Bus, and Environmental Secretary

Organises the annual Alps trip and books buses for meets.

Niamh Jarvis

IT/Journal and Welfare Secretary

I’m in charge of keeping the website up to date, as well as compiling the journal to immortalise our glorious shenanigans! I’m also welfare sec, which means I’m happy to meet or message anyone who needs a friendly chat, whether it's about the club or anything else in life that is getting on top of you. Add me as a FB friend or send a message to the group page and I'll get back to you!

Geoff Cooper

Hut Custodian

Looks after the Clashgour Hut. Contact me if you would like to book it.

Lewis Grant

Competitions and Training

Hi! I'm a second year history student and this years competitions sec. So Its my job to inform everyone about any events we're running so make sure to find me if you're confused about any details.

Tris Gruhala

Membership Secretary

Thinking of joining the club? I got you, I help sign you up! If you have any questions about membership, don’t hesitate to get in contact. (I'm Patrícia Gruhala on FB!)

Adam Visick

Honorary Office Holder

A wizened GUMC sage providing knowledge in the art of crimping 'the gnar' and how the committee works.