2014 Committee

The Committee. We take care of the organisation and run the club.

If you’re new to the club and have any questions just grab any of these guys below in the pub or throw us an email and we’ll be more than happy to answer it / sign you up 🙂

Will Hastie


THE big smelly cheese - if you want to find out more about anything to do with the club then I can help!

Roxanna Barry

Vice President

Assistant to the big cheese I organise a lot of the social events including the dinner meet.

Fergus Taylor


Organisation and paperwork are my ladies of the night.

Caitlin Neilson


I register new members and deal with the club's money.

Ellie McEntee

Emily Stone

I am here to sign people up for meets.

Katie Bowen


I always back up my abseils with a prusik.

Callum Tregaskis

Alps Hero

Sorts out the alps trip each year, gets interest, picks location, organises transport, funding, accommodation etc.

Emily Suddes

Gear Person

I look after all the GUMClub gear and can give advice on what to buy yourself.

Sofie Quist


Organising transport for weekend trips and Alps.

Magda Kowalska

IT Person

If you want to be added to the mailing list or have something posted on the site send it to me!

Juliet Walmsley


I put together the annual journal and any other written articles for the club.

Geoff Cooper

Hut Custodian

Looks after the Clashgour Hut.

Ewan Bailey

Competitions and Training

Bringing home the WIN!

Hugh Macgregor

Assistant Hut Custodian

Assistant to the hut's keeper.